Apr 07

Custom RC 6×6 (P4646-6x) – Off Road Hook Up IV: Down Side Up

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MrRangeRover1996 on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MrRangerRover1996 I went back to Furry Creek, with the Blazer (Without Prejudice II) on the trailer (…

16 Responses to “Custom RC 6×6 (P4646-6x) – Off Road Hook Up IV: Down Side Up”

  1. Emblurr420 says:


  2. Dee Watts says:

    dam music! nice rig

  3. Isaiah S says:

    What kind of truck is on the trailer?

  4. Brian Price says:

    Your directional tires are on backwards

  5. Griffin Hammond says:

    Have you ever thought about selling these trucks and trailer??

  6. Donothan Gamble says:

    Post your project on myrcproject.com. Every month they give $25 to the
    best project.

  7. Jake Breuker says:

    where in bc did u do this awesome vid

  8. AUSSIE RC says:

    great video RR :D

  9. justin n says:

    Turn down the music so I can hear the actual car better. Then I’ll watch it
    all the way through.

  10. julius siobal says:


  11. landy076 says:

    Just…Too much!!!

  12. djfifo88 says:

    Hey nice video And what’s your monster truck chassis for

  13. Anders Sandbu randen says:

    Wher you buy them??

  14. dudecrew0420 says:

    Where did you get the tires?

  15. raydeironfist says:

    A lot of work went into the builds & production of this, and it certainly

  16. Reno. Boyz RC says:

    cool vid. love the towtruck, awesome job!!!!