May 18

RC4WD Boyer Truggy scale rc truck unboxing

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unboxing my new RC4WD Boyer Truggy scale truck. this is the ONLY unboxing video of an RC4WD Boyer Truggy as of the date I posted this video. something new an…
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8 Responses to “RC4WD Boyer Truggy scale rc truck unboxing”

  1. The Daily Driver says:

    Great review, you helped me make my decision between this and the SubZero.

  2. diffman75 says:

    Do u still have this truck? How do u like it on the trail and crawling.

  3. Samuraicallan says:

    I was on the fence about this rig because like you said, there’s NO
    unboxing vids for the Boyer Truggy. No longer, I’m def buying this rig.
    Well worth the ca$h. Thanks. 😀

  4. ZQR55 says:

    Omakat HT

  5. jody gallant says:

    I was interested in this truck but wanted to see a video for it 1st so
    thank you on that but I did want to know how strong the frame rails are
    they look vary thin I just wanna make sure it can handle a ruff roll over
    or fall without bending or messing up ?

  6. jess34753 says:


  7. sakiman1985 says:

    I love the truck, The Boyer (out of the box) is more of a scale truck than
    a crawler. it does not have a great deal of suspension travel nor
    articulation upon its unboxed settings, however it is easily tunable,
    easily modable, to improve these things and make it much better. love it on
    the trail. its a tank! its heft makes it dig for traction and i’ve plowed
    over stuff with it. lol i’ve enjoyed it alot so far.

  8. sakiman1985 says:

    Thanks again Jess, I really liked the Boyer from what i saw of it but i
    never found a youtube unboxing of one and there are few videos of the Boyer
    truggy all together so i figured i would add to the small library and help
    it grow… there will be many vids of this truck in the future. thanks again